Weleda Nursing Teabags x 20


Certified Organic, Vegan

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Every time you breastfeed you give your baby love, warmth and security. At a time of cosy togetherness, the two of you strengthen close bonds and your baby gets all the nutrition needed for healthy development, completely naturally. Enjoy this precious time!

Your midwife or health visitor is there for you for professional advice about breastfeeding.


Each tea bag, 2g, contains dry powder of: Fenugreek seed 500mg, Anise seed 400mg, Fennel seed 400mg, Caraway seed 400mg, Lemon verbena (Lippia citriodora) leaves 300mg.

All the ingredients in our Nursing Tea are grown and harvested according to Weleda quality standards and are certified organic by BCS OEKO-GARANTIE GMBH Germany. No flavourings, preservatives or sweeteners are added to this product

Directions for Use

Use one tea bag per 200ml of freshly boiled water and leave to brew for 5 minutes.
We recommend three cups a day throughout the whole nursing period.

Warnings: Do not use if you are allergic to anis, anethole, or any of the ingredients in this tea. If you have a celery allergy or are being treated for diabetes, consult a health care professional before use. Use with caution in individuals with kidney an heart disease. If you experience a skin rash, discontinue use and consult your doctor.

This product is intended for lactating women and should not be used during pregnancy without consulting your health care provider.

Store below 30 Celsius, away from direct sunlight.