Springfields Sage 11ml


Vegan, Product of Australia

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Sage essential oil has a sharp, spicy and herbal aroma and can be used to stimulate the mind and help address mental fatigue. A traditional herb for clearing the air of negativity.


100% pure essential oil of Sage (Salvia officinalis – leaves, steam distilled). Quality & purity guaranteed. Vegan friendly. No animal ingredients. No animal testing. Manufactured in Australia by an Australian owned company.

Directions for Use

DIFFUSER add 6 drops. Massage/Topical Application: mix 6 drops with 12ml Unscented Jojoba Cream or a base oil and massage over body. Bath: Mix 6 drops Sage with 6 drops dispersant and add mixture to a warm bath.

Do not use if epileptic, pregnant of breastfeeding. Use with caution on children and the elderly. Do not use on children under 5. May irritate sensitive skin. Refer to label for detailed directions for use. Not to be taken. Keep out of reach of children.