Springfields Lemon Essential Oil Certified Organic 11ml


Certified Organic, Vegan, Product of Australia

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Lemon has an enlivening citrus aroma bursting with freshness. Like most citrus (rind) essential oils, it is a valuable addition to blends to improve their aromatic appeal. A popular oil for cleansing the air.


Certified Organic 100% pure essential of Lemon (Citrus limon – fruit peel, cold pressed). Quality & purity guaranteed.Vegan friendly. No animal ingredients. No animal testing. Manufactured in Australia by an Australian owned company.

Directions for Use

Diffuser: add 6 drops. Massage/Topical Application: mix 4-6 drops with 2 teaspoons Unscented Jojoba Cream or 12ml base oil and massage over body. Bath:

Application to skin may increase sensitivity to UV/sunlight. Always dilute before skin application and avoid exposure to UV/sunlight for at least 12 hours following skin application. Refer to label for detailed directions for use. Not to be taken. Keep out of reach of children.