Natural Road Insecticide Free Almonds



Natural Road Australian Almonds are natural and raw, and a source of protein and fibre. They are delicious and highly nutritious too! The perfect addition to stir fry dishes, curries, or use in baking your favourite cakes and cookies. Ideal for making your almond milk, homemade trail mix, muesli or granola or enjoy straight from the pack. No artificial anything added just 100% Almonds • 100% Natural • No additives or preservatives • GMO free • Paleo • Gluten free • Vegan friendly • Source of protein • Source of fibre


Insecticide Free Almonds. Contains tree nuts. This product is packaged on machinery used for a variety of dry goods and may contain traces of peanuts, soy or sesame. Store in a cool, dry place, away from light. Refrigeration storage recommended to retain freshness.

Directions for Use

Eat as a snack, add to cooking, make home made almond milk or grind up to make almond meal.